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There are so many lovely sandy beaches in the Algarve that you will find amongst them a good selection on which to enjoy your holiday. When you see the sign "Praia" this means in Portuguese "beach".

The beaches vary from the small sheltered coves to the west of Faro to broad endless stretches of sea washed sand to the east. Equally the sea bed near to the beach can vary from a comfortable shallow shelve to a more sudden drop! In general, the rule is that as you travel from east to west along the coast, the beaches become more subject to seasonal currents and the water can be cooler.

Between Faro and Manta Rota, the beaches lie on a chain of 5 low islands: Barreta (Deserta), Culatra, Armona, Tavira and Cabanas, and on the Manta Rota Peninsula. All form a part of the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve. They can be reached by small ferries or in the case of Barril there is a little train. There is invariably plenty of empty space on these beaches if you walk for 5 minutes, even in high season.

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