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Whilst the mountains of the Algarve are generally modest in scale, the sheer variety of the countryside within easy reach of Casa Ferrobo is breathtaking and the range of challenges available to mountain bikers is unparalleled. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie with a penchance for single-track adventure, a dirt-track lover with a yearning for speed, a fan of forestry roads or simply looking for an introduction to two-wheeled adventure, there's a wealth of routes to sate the appetite of even the most discerning thrill-seeker.

The Barrocal's limestone hills and the sandy shales of the higher Serra da Caldeirão rise as a contorted, corrugated series of ridges and vales to the north; to either side gentle vales thread below lines of sinuous hills, to the south the uplands dissipate into the coastal plain with its myriad villages, soft-fruit and olive groves. All are ideal cycling country, laced by a complex web of largely traffic-free roads and tracks.

In the hills, countless knife-edge ridges take tracks to the stars before plummeting into hidden valleys, some on dirt roads, others as simply goat-tracks plunging through the cork-oak and eucalyptus woods. From our gate, the modest Arroteia hill offers a variety of challenges, but the real adventure is just a couple of miles to the north; from Fonte Ferrera countless ways rise into the hills towards Barranco do Velho, Bispo or over to Cova da Muda, curling back through remarkable landscapes. Further north, the remote countryside of the secluded valleys of the rivers Foupana, Odeleite and their countless tributaries holds much uncharted ground to discover. Not a land for beginners, this!

More sedate excursions can be largely on-road (most country roads here are the equivalent of graded forestry roads in Britain); a tremendous day can be had by taking peaceful roads west to the white hill village of Querença before returning on tracks along the tranquil valley of the Ribeira das Merçes, around 20 miles of perfection. Or take a tour around our local villages; inter-linked by good, quiet roads and generously sprinkled with places to take refreshment.

The world really is your oyster here. Mountain biking is still in its infancy in the Algarve, yet the raw material is here in abundance - hundreds of miles of carreteiros (donkey tracks), countless dirt-roads through olive, fig and carob plantations, cork-oak groves and ancient routes to high pastures all invite exploration. The problem is knowing just when to call it a day - and with few other cyclists around, you really will feel like a pathfinder.

Roller-coaster days or backwater biking, the brisk hills and meandering byways around Casa Ferrobo offer endless excuses to include a few days two-wheeled exploration during your holiday - and with village bars and cafes still very much part of the rural scene here, there's every excuse to linger longer in this slice of paradise!

We can arrange for mountain bike hire, or bring your own; there is secure storage at Casa Ferrobo and plenty of space to work on your machine.

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